HCL Notes 11 – new settings related to Xpages in Designer

Thu, Mar 25, 2021 One-minute read

Working with Xpages or custom controls can be very tedious quite often. A slightly more complicated Xpage with several custom controls can take even 20s to open in Designer. Just do it 30 times during a working day, and your hairs get white soon. What’s more, the preview generated is just a complete mess, so its usually not useful at all. Designer 11 comes with a help for us here. (might be it was in R10 already, but we skipped R10 version entirely) Designer settings introduces 2 new options, that helps significantly here:

at 1) this option let us define, that we want to display a source code instead of Xpage / custom control preview, which is very useful default option.

at 2) this one is a true miracle. Just checking this means that 20s Xpage load is reduced to 1s. That’s amazing!

Thanks to HCL team that these long time annoying issues just got fixed finally.