Udemy - 3 new courses just published

Thu, Sep 8, 2022 One-minute read

I spent last couple of months preparing recordings for two new Udemy courses. Now I was finally able to make those published. Here are some details.

Starting with Hilla (from Vaadin)
Topics covered by this course:

  • Create a new Hilla application from scratch
  • Understand how Hilla frontend and backend are connected together
  • Working with Hilla backend endpoints
  • Create simple but complete application in Hilla
  • Implement a simple @Push technology support in real application
  • Create MS Excel file from dynamic data and serve it from Hilla app
  • How to add MongoDB as Hilla backend data store


FullStack Vaadin (14-23+) - Practical Solutions
Topics covered by this course:

  • create a full featured single page application using VAADIN
  • collaboration using server @Push technology
  • export application data in MS Excel format with formatting and some other features
  • export application data in PDF format with formatting, embedded images or bar-codes
  • including MongoDB as persistent data storage
  • using GridFS as an attachment/file uploads data storage


FullStack SpringBoot (2+) - Practical Solutions
Topics covered by this course:

  • creating PDF files dynamically using Thymeleaf, iText
  • using Apache POI for generating MS Excel compatible files
  • using MongoDB/GridFS for storing and retrieving file attachments/uploads
  • implementing SMTP listener running directly in SpringBoot application